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Direct Action Solutions would like to present the revolutionary DAS-MAG (patent pending). As new laws and regulations are being added in California and New York, it is important for the community to stay ahead of the curve in what is acceptable, safe,    and functionally accurate. The new DAS-MAG includes features that allow the firearm community in California and New York to efficiently utilize their magazine reloading in a way that is fast, safe and effective.

DAS MAG Direct Action Solutions Magazine Release AK

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As Many of you know, the rifle community is changing in a drastic way in states like California, New York, and more. In 2016 Assault Registration was implemented, 10-Round Magazines are being heavily enforced, and there are assault weapon bans in multiple states. The Big Questions here are; How, and What can we do to comply with these new laws, while still being able to pursue our passion and love for rifles and shooting.

Here enters the DAS-MAG! A way for you to comply with new laws that require a fixed rifle magazine that would normally mean you breaking down your rifle just to reload. You no longer have to stop your fun day of shooting just to reload your magazine before you can continue. The DAS-MAG allows for feeding rounds into the side of the magazine, keeping your rifle intact along with your day of shooting. Check out the features below:

DAS Direct Action Solutions Gun Magazine Side Fed No Breakdown
DAS Direct Action Solutions Gun Magazine CA NY Compliant

Fixed Magazine is CA & NY Compliant

This magazine is fixed to your rifle and compliant with state laws in California and New York. It functions in a safe way that allows you to focus on your shooting and less about your rifles compliancy with laws and regulations.


Side-Fed For Easy Reloading

The DAS-MAG is a side-fed magazine. Giving you the ability to load rounds directly into the magazine with ease.


AK Style With More Coming Soon!

Pre-Order your’s today to make sure you have access to the new DAS-MAG with little wait time. It’s available in the AK platform for Pre-Order now.

Eliminate Rifle Breakdown When Reloading

With the DAS-MAG Side-Loading Features, you no longer have to modify your rifle with expensive and potentially dangerous “upgrades” Spend more time shooting at range and less time tinkering!


DAS-MAG Official Relodr Coming Soon

For the fast pace enthusiast, stay tuned for the Official DAS-LODR coming soon to a gun store near you. 

DAS MAG Direct Action Solutions Gun Magazine AK Order